01 September 2009

Goodbye Placa de Sant Felip Neri

Dear Placa de Sant Felip Neri,
you drove me to my limits, and yet I miss you.
Funny how often I contemplated leaving you but couldn't. And now that I finally have I am filled with sadness.


  1. Hi Nina,

    I was searching for pictures of the bunkers in Parc Guinardo and I found this blog. Just wanted to say I loved the series of pictures of the plaza Felip Neri, they're beautiful! Did you live in that square?

    I'm British but living in Barcelona, and have just started my own blog actually. Only 2 posts so far... http://jungleshoes.blogspot.com/

    Bueno, saludos y que te vaya bien.

  2. Nina you should turn these into an exhibition, they are fascinating!! x

  3. I lived on the first floor for about 6 months last year and always wanted to show the way this place morphed.